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Deps Tiny Bulldoze 100 Floating


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

The Deps Tiny Bulldoze perfectly matches smaller bluegill and panfish which are common forage in many bodies of water to bass and other predator fish. The bite-sized 4” Tiny Bulldoze is a single jointed swimbait which features an impact-resistant coffin-shaped polycarbonate lip that can deflect off standing timber or weeds. The Bulldoze is effective when waked or simply deadsticked on the surface. On a straight retrieve, the Bulldoze produces a powerful vibration and will crank down and trace the four foot range. For added attraction, a 6mm stainless steel rattle is incorporated into the Tiny Bulldoze which produces a super-audible sound to attract bass from a distance or when fishing off-colored water. The Tiny Bulldoze comes in ultra-realistic colors and includes natural protruding pectoral fins that can move freely. On the underside of the bait, Deps has designed a stabilizing fin that helps the bait maintain its posture and enhances action. The fin also helps prevents hook fouling. The Tiny Bulldoze comes equipped with premium #5 treble hooks are super sharp with a smooth finish for excellent penetrating power. The Tiny Bulldoze is the perfect bite-sized offering that can appeal to bass everywhere from small ponds to massive lakes.

Length: 4", 100mm

Weight: 3/4 oz

Hook Size: #5

Type: Floating

Dive Depth: 4’, 1.3m

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