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Ima Glide Fluke Swimbait 178 Sinking


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Designed by FLW Tour Pro and certified Fisheries Biologist, Michael Murphy, the Ima Glide Fluke Glide Bait is a hybrid blend of actions. Featuring the the darting action of a soft plastic jerkbait and a glide bait into one versatile and deadly swimbait. Built with a two-piece construction, and featuring a narrow wedge cut in the joint. The combination of these two features allow the swimbait, when steadily retrieved to naturally swim side-to-side similar to Threadfin Shad, Gizzard Shad, and Blueback Herring. The channeled groove on the topside of the head gives the lure the ability to produce an erratic darting action when twitched, while keeping the head pointed upward to protect the line from fowling on the hooks. The rear hook placement is also a key feature. By placing the rear hook at the very end of the lure increases the hook up on short biters.

Type: Sinking
Weight: 79g, 2.8oz
Length: 178mm, 7"