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Shimano Bantam BT Frog


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Bt frog that has a high ability to avoid roots. You can use it while entwining it with the bush or in the back of the cover, which would be aggressive with other lures.

Frog literally means a frog, but one of its attractions is that it can be a bait fish or a frog depending on how you move it and how you attack it.

Also, since many frog lures get flooded while using it, it was necessary to tune before use and drain water during fishing, but Bt frog has a twin room body to reduce flooding and tune and It is also a recommended point that you can continue to use it without draining water and without stress.

With a weight of 17g and a long skirt, it has a high appeal, so it can be used not only in the cover area but also in the open area.

Length: 2.52 inch (64 mm)
Weight: 17g 
Type: Floating