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I-Slide 135B Jointed Glidebait Swimbait Twitch & Slow Retrieve


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I-SLIDE 135 B is equipped with "MAGHOLD system (PAT.P)" which fixes the hook to the body. By the hook assist slit and the strengthened magnetic field, lateral displacement of the held hook is prevented, and stable swimming is realized at every retrieving speed. Dilution of the presence of the hook creates an overwhelming advantage in Clearwater which is effective in sight. Moreover, by fixing the hook point, it realizes a smooth hook set without losing hooking power. It contributes to the improvement of the hooking rate which was the problem of the conventional joint lure. Furthermore, as with the original, it realizes a very smooth slalom action and a quick kick turn with sharpness. Pull the fish in the slalom action, and bring in fishing of the eating which brings it to reaction bite at "360 °" by Twitch.   It is set for slow sinking at about 10 ℃ ~ 15 ℃. The type may change depending on the condition of the field and the water temperature etc. Please adjust with hook size, split ring, weight and so on.

  • 135mm / 1oz
  • Slow sinking
  • Mag Hold, 360 Turn
  • Made in Japan