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Jackall Mikey Kawashi 115 Jointed Swimbait


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The cover (obstacle) that represents the intricately intricate standing trees is the den bass. However, the pressure is not so great as everyone aims. In order to capture such a big bass MIKEY who hesitates the cover and Hesitant MIKEY was developed based on tuning MIKEY", which is famous as a masterpiece big bait. It is a high appeal design specialized as an aggressive big bait with improved cover avoidance ability. The curved original shape of the lip has excellent dive ability and obstacle avoidance performance, and by utilizing the buoyancy of the bulky body, it induces a bite with wobbling action.

  • By curving the lip, it is easier to chew water than the original model and deep dive is possible. The dive depth is about 1 to 1.5m. The design makes it easy to range control by rod position.
  • The Feathered hook that moderately suppresses action and improves suction. Lightly pecking such a kiss bite also surely hooking up. 
  • The 115 can be used with medium power class bait casting tackle.
  • By moving the center of gravity closer to the front than the original model, the floating posture is adjusted to be slightly forward leaning. The lip is easy to grab water and realizes deeper dive and faster movement than the original model.
Length 115mm
Weight 19.5g